BMW S1000RR M Performance Parts Are Now Available

BMW S1000RR M Performance Parts are now available 1

The new BMW S1000RR can be tuned for reduced weight and better acceleration

The BMW S1000RR receives racing components for 2020 through the new M Performance Parts accessories range. The German brand focused on increasing riding dynamics for road and especially track use. The aim is to combine weight reduction with functionality.

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For the bodywork, the M Performance package includes:

  • M Carbon fairing side panel top left/top right
  • M Carbon front-wheel cover
  • M Carbon rear wheel cover
  • M Carbon airbox cover
  • M Carbon sprocket cover
  • M Carbon chain guard
  • M Carbon fuel tank cover left/right

P90383689_highRes_m performance parts

P90383702_highRes_m performance parts

P90383703_highRes_m performance parts

So, this should cut a couple of kilos off the German superbike. Attention was focused on ergonomics as well, and riders can choose from three options – M sports seat, M seat high, M seat low.

P90383693_highRes_m performance parts

To tailor the bike to every rider’s needs, there’s also an option to choose different footrests:

  • M rider’s footrests left/right
  • M passenger footrests left/right
  • M rider's footrest system left/right – designed for racetrack use

P90383692_highRes_m performance parts

The extensive racing experience was also applied to the adjustable and folding M handbrake lever. For racetrack use, the BMW S1000RR features the M remote adjuster for the front brake which also allows the rider to adjust the lever travel while riding from the left-hand end of the handlebars. On the left-hand side of the handlebars, the folding M clutch lever is the corresponding counterpart to the handbrake lever. The M handbrake lever protector and the M clutch lever protector are available for both levers. Also, the standard handlebar version of the S1000RR can be replaced with the M fork clamp for stub handlebars left/right for making individual ergonomic adjustments.

P90383697_highRes_m performance parts

P90383696_highRes_m performance parts

To improve handling, the package has two different M Performance wheelsets which optimise acceleration, deceleration, handling as well as suspension and damping response.

P90383705_highRes_m performance parts

While the M forged wheel made of high-strength forged aluminium already offers advantages in this respect both at the front and at the rear, the M Carbon front wheel and M Carbon rear wheel made of lightweight carbon fibre help to reduce unsprung and rotational masses.

P90383704_highRes_m performance parts

The parts range for the wheels also features the M axle protectors.

Other lightweight components include:

  • M chain tensioner
  • M lightweight battery
  • stand adapter set
  • M cover kit

P90383676_highRes_m performance parts

P90383672_highRes_m performance parts

P90383689_highRes_m performance parts

P90383688_highRes_m performance parts

P90383691_highRes_m performance parts

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