BMW System 7 Carbon. Here’s the Price

Same price as the Schuberth C3 Pro, but it can be transformed into an open face helmet

The System 7 Carbon will be a strong competitor in the touring helmets segment due to its lightweight and the capacity to be transformed in an open-face helmet in seconds. And it also comes with a competitive price tag. 

With the new System 7 Carbon, BMW Motorrad fights the Schuberth C3 Pro – market leader in the flip-up helmets segment. And it comes with about the same price. In fact, it’s a bit cheaper than the good-looking C3 Pro Helmets. 



BMW System 7 Carbon Price in Europe: €590 – price may vary in different markets
Schubert C3 Pro: the recommended price – about €590 for a C3Pro in a solid color and €726 for a more complex paint scheme. By getting a discount or buying from an online outlet, you can also find the C3 Pro at €550 price tag in a solid color

The System 7 Carbon main features: 
–  25% less weight than a regular helmet (1580 grams – 1680 grams, depending on the shell size)
– good aerodynamics (BMW says that it’s one of the most quiet on the market)
– wide angle of vision 
– removable chin-guard (no tools needed) 
– built-in sun visor. 

The System 7 Carbon is made in Italy. You can fit the optional communication system. 

BMW System 7 Carbon 1

BMW System 7 Carbon 2

BMW System 7 Carbon 3

BMW System 7 Carbon 4

BMW System 7 Carbon 5

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