BMW Unveils New Heritage Collection

BMW unveils new Heritage Collection 1
Ride in style with these cool pieces BMW launched the Heritage Collection – retro-themed motorcycle apparel. The collection has two approaches – Ride and Style. "Ride" includes garments with invisible, but safe protective elements, while "Style" is not that motorcycle-use intended.  The highlight of the new collection is the PureBoxer leather jacket: discreet design, functionality, and exclusive 1.2 mm thick horse leather. We had a look at it, and besides the cool look when it's new, it seems to be that kind of jacket that gets more beautiful through time. The inner lining matches the cooper details and coverings of the main front and pocket zip fasteners. The copper theme is inspired by vintage boxer bikes.  The TwinStripes jacket comes with a more sporty design, and it's made of 1.2 mm thick cowhide. It looks great when riding, and it's also suitable for casual wearing.  There's also a denim jacket, called RoadCrafted which looks casual, being safe at the same time. Other pieces in the "Ride" collection: the Bowler helmet – a retro open face that will surely match the future R18-derived big boxer cruiser, the PureShifter boots, two pairs of gloves and a PureBoxer style kidney belt.  Meanwhile, the Style Collection includes the so-called "FlatTwin" leather jacket, which embodies the soul of the 1950s and the "Engineer" leather jackets, resembling the classic bomber jackets of the 1940s.  Besides the items above, the collection also includes a sweater, a hoodie, and some cool t-shirts.  The Heritage Collection was unveiled at the Pure&Crafted Festival in Amsterdam. 

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