Brace Yourselves! Triumph Rocket 3 Is Coming: Massive Power & Torque

Brace yourselves! Triumph Rocket 3 is Coming: Massive Power & Torque 1

The new 2,500 cc engine will develop 176 horsepower and 221 Nm of Torque.

The Triumph Rocket 3 is setting the bar when it comes to engine size an torque. It’s powered by an enormous 2,500 cc tripe which develops 176 Nm (the most powerful Triumph) and 221 Nm (163ftlb – the torquiest motorcycle engine). It has the same torque as a mid-size SUV. 

The Rocket 3 comes in big style – there's a TFC (Triumph Factory Custom) limited edition – only 750 units to be built – and each one of them will feature a premium TFC badging with gold detailing and an individually-numbered plaque on the instrument mount. More than that, every owner will receive a special tailor-made TFC pack, featuring a numbered letter signed by Triumph’s CEO, a personalized custom build book, a TFC branded rucksack and an indoor bike cover. 

The Rocket 3 TFC engine features lightweight titanium inlet valves which allow for higher revving and Arrow silencers with carbon-fiber end-caps. There are also some carbon bodywork weight-saving elements. Triumph didn’t give us the kerb weight yet, but the official press release states that there’s a 40kg weight reduction, which means that the new Rocket 3 will have a 280 kg dry weight and about 300 kg wet weight – the fuel tank has 19 liters now, instead of 24. 

The stopping power should be more than decent, no matter the weight. The Rocket 3 features probably the most advanced braking calipers on the market – the four-piston, radially mounted Brembo M4.30 Stylema and two 320 mm discs on the front. The same calipers are fitted to the Ducati Panigale V4. 

Triumph Rocket TFC 2

The Rocket 3 suspension system comes from Showa.

To make use of the whole 221 Nm of torque safely, Triumph Rocket 3 comes with a new ride-by-wire acceleration, riding modes and cornering ABS and Traction Control. In terms of comfort, there’s cruise control, and the ergonomics are probably suitable for relaxed touring. 

The Rocket 3 also features the new Triumph Connectivity Dash with Smartphone and GoPro Connectivity. So you can take phone calls while riding, listen to music and navigate using the turn-by-turn system. This navigation System was initially introduced by BMW on their Connectivity Display and refers to some arrows pointing you the direction (turn left, turn right), but without having a map. The navigation data comes from your smartphone. 

The new Triumph Rocket 3 TFC will cost 28,500 euros in Europe.



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