Brand New BMW F750GS Spy Shots

Brand new BMW F750GS spy shots 1

All-new parallel-twin GS

BMW's parallel-twin lineup underwent some serious changes. Both the BMW F800GS and F700GS will be replaced with completely revised versions. After the first spy photos of the F850GS back in April, we now have a first glimpse of the new F750GS. The shots were published by

Here’s what we’ve learned:

New engine and frame

The smallest twin from the GS family, the F750GS is a whole new bike. It features a brand new engine and frame. The engine is a revised version of the F800GS engine and rumours say it will deliver over 80 hp. The steel trellis frame is now replaced by a cast aluminium one, while the tail frame comes with mounting points for BMW cases instead of the traditional steel cradle. 


The gas tank is moved towards the front of the bike just like on its bigger brother, the R1200GS. The chain is now fitted on the left side and the exhaust muffler is also switched. The muffler is considerably slimmer as the catalytic converter now seats underneath the bike.

The wheels are cast aluminium, and there’s no trace of radial callipers. The looks are borrowed from the R1200GS. The front fender and the headlight will instantaneously remind you of the big GS.

Filled with cool features

We incline to think there will be three versions of the F750 GS. An entry-level model with classic suspension and two improved versions, plus an intermediate and a top version. Both the intermediate and top version will feature Dynamic ESA and a colour TFT display. 

The bike will feature three riding modes: Road, Rain and Dynamic. These can be adjusted on the go with the help of a button on the handlebar. Also, the versions with D-ESA can be adjusted on the go.


The intermediate and top version will come fitted with LED headlights while the entry-level version keeps the classic bulb. We expect the new BMW F750GS and it’s bigger brother to be present at EICMA this fall and on dealership floors next spring.

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