Built With One Thing in Mind: Performance

Built with one thing in mind: Performance 1

Let’s stray away from the design focused builds crowding everyone’s Instagram feed and take a look at some bikes built to be meaner and better.

A custom motorcycle is a dream put into material form. But what if your dream is not to have a flashy bike, but to go fast? Or over the hills? Well, as you’ll very well see below, it can be done.

Revival Cycles S1000RR

No need to go into the performance of this mean Beemer, let alone any bike that ends with the initials ‘RR’. This is a bike that can go. But what if you want to make it special? Make it lighter and faster. Or just different so you don’t throw a leg over someone else’s bike at track day.

Inspired by 80s race bikes and with bodywork made entirely out of aluminium, this track dweller will sure stand out. At any speed.

Built with one thing in mind: Performance 4

Baak Motocyclettes Triumph Scrambler

A Scrambler is not something many people completely revamp. Your usual custom job on Triumph’s off roady Bonneville is to style it a bit, paint it and maybe tidy up the tail. 

Well this right here is not the case. This one is actually built to go off road and actually stand a chance. I’m not gonna go into the looks of it because that you can see. I’m just going to mention the upgraded Ohlins suspension in the front and back, full Beringer braking system and aluminium Excel wheels. Feast your eyes. Then close them and imagine how it rides.


Kingston Custom Turbo Charged BMW R100RS

Yeah, you read that right. It’s an airhead with a turbo. And to make it even cooler, it’s not just any turbo. It’s from a Porsche. This is basically the happy marriage between two of the biggest and most respected automotive brands in the world, now under the same roof. Actually, under the same frame.

It’s really refreshing to see people who don’t go into building a bike for design, but rather for performance. It’s a purpose that is often overlooked, although custom bikes like café racers bobbers and even scramblers were originally built because owners needed something more from them than what the factory had to offer.

bmw turbo

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