Cagiva to Be Resurrected as an Electric Motorcycle Company

Cagiva to be resurrected as an electric motorcycle company 1

MV Agusta will bring back to life the Cagiva brand to build electric motorcycles

Cagiva is set to become an electric motorcycle brand in 2021 and help MV Agusta reach its sales target of 25,000 units.

The plan is to help MV Agusta enter the electric motorcycle market according to CEO Timur Sardarov. To reach that goal, Cagiva will be rebirthed and will build a range of economical electric bikes for city riding.
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“Cagiva production will resume next year, at the latest in early 2021, and will be dedicated to electric urban mobility,” Sardarov told Motociclismo.

“But we will not make scooters, they will be motorcycles. Easy to drive and below 4kW, because at the moment no-one who produces beyond this threshold can generate profits. In 6 or 7 years, it will probably be possible to reach the profit with vehicles equivalent to 350cc,” added Sardarov.

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  1. I would love to ride a Cagiva again. I was sponsored by Cagiva forty years ago to set a Guinness book world record to be the first to wheelie a hundred miles in 1983. I went 111 1/2 miles nonstop on a 1/2 mile dirt track, 3 hours 27 minutes at Ascot Park in Gardena CA. I am in the process of building a Sur-ron wheelie electric bike. My original Cagiva wheelie bike reappeared on the scene this week.I just met Mike Forest through a series of miracles who had restored the bike to show room condition. I will wheelie it at a motorcycle event on New Years Day. I’m told that several promoters will be at the event and will interview me. Praise God!

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