Can-Am Ryker, a Trike Under $10k We Like a Lot

Can-Am Ryker, a trike under $10k we like a lot 1

Can-Am makes a smart move with their all-new Ryker trike, going under the magic $10k bar, opening up a whole new horizon of opportunities

Well-known for their highly-priced trikes, Can-Am makes a bold and smart move and introduces Ryker, a neat new model that may disrupt this segment with its affordable price tag. With the entry-level Ryker setting us back with only $8,499, we’re likely to see more Can-Ams roaming the streets next year.

The Can-Am Ryker arrives with two engines to choose between, a Rotax 600 ACE in-line twin or Rotax 900 ACE in-line triple ($9,999 base price), both with electronic fuel injection and throttle control. The smaller lump produces 47 HP at 7,300 rpm, and a peak torque of 47 Nm at 6,200 revs, while its bigger sibling is good for 77 HP at 7,100 revs and 76@ 6,300 revs. Both machines are equipped with an automatic CVT transmission with reverse.

Ryker has a double wishbone front suspension using Sachs twin-tube coil-over shocks, while the rear has a multi-link mono swing arm with a similar shock and preload adjustment. Stopping power comes from a foot-operated brake pedal that actuates Nissin calipers squeezing dual 270 mm front rotors and a 220 mm rear disc.

can am ryker lifestyle 1

Being a smaller trike, the Can-Am Ryker has to make some compromises. We’re talking about a solo machine with no room for a passenger, albeit some clever engineers could devise an add-on, with a rear suspension mod. Storage aboard the Ryker is also scarce, with only 7 liters available, meaning you’ll have to ask Can-Am for some sidecases or carry a backpack. Again, maybe a luggage rack would be a great addition. Luckily, the fuel tank is pretty generous, with a 20-liter capacity, ensuring a good range thanks to the improved mileage.

Can-Am Ryker, a trike under $10k we like a lot 5

The dashboard integrates a 4.5” digital display that shows the speedometer, tachometer, odometer, trips, gear position, distance to empty, engine lights, fuel gauge, and clock info, with the 900 ACE-equipped Ryker also benefiting from ECO and Sport modes. The 600 ACE and 900 ACE tip the scales at 270 kg and 280 kg, respectively.

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In a good Can-Am Spyder fashion, the Ryker is also endowed with a bevy of electronic aids, such as SCS, TCS, ABS and Hill Hold Control. Can-Am even offers an off-road-ish Rally version starting at $10,999. Body panels in various color schemes are also available as an option.

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