Check Out the 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS

Check out the 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS 1

A bit more aggressive engine and revamped looks

The British manufacturer just unveiled today the 2020 Triumph Street Triple RS that is set to be the number one in the middle-weight naked segment. Based on the 765 Daytona the new Triple RS brings on the Moto2 technology and a bit more torque for next year. The revamped looks make it more aggressive and more desirable right now.

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The iconic Triple headlight is now angular and the technology changed to LED.  Actually, this is a change that everybody was hoping for. Besides the headlight, we also have a new exhaust with a carbon fibre cap and a redesigned fly screen. The agreesive new approach brings out the hooligan side of the Moto2 engine.

The engine underwent some changes to get along with the Euro 5 emissions regulations and fortunately the power output is still the same. The peak power remains at 123 hp but, the torque has increased to 77 Nm. To spice things up the midrange delivery has become even more present thanks to a lighter crankshaft, balancer, clutch and a new exhaust camshaft.

The suspension system remains the same as on the previous Triple RS, a fully adjustable Showa front fork and Ohlins rear shock.  Fortunately, the guys at Triumph made an important move and fitted the RS with an up and down quickshifter for seamless gear changes.

Check out our test-ride video with the Triumph Street Triple R in the window below or directly on our