Check Out These Top-Spec Boots From TCX

Check out these top-spec boots from TCX 1

Top safety and enhanced looks for every type of rider

No matter the type of bike you’re riding, the boots are mandatory when it comes to safety. So if you are planning to refresh your gear for 2018, we’ve made a list that contains the top spec units from Italian manufacturer TCX that might fit your requirements.

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TCX RT-Race Pro Air

The RT-Race Pro Air boots are the best racing boots TCX has to offer.  The boots are mainly designed for track use, but you can wear them on-road also. They are flexible enough to offer superior feel while maintaining the high-level safety. The dual-compound sole is provided by Michelin for increased grip. The perforated materials will take care of ventilation. The slider is made out of magnesium and, the heel is also reinforced with a magnesium plate. The price for a pair of TCX RT-Race Pro Air is $500.


TCX Baja Gore-Tex

When you say Baja, the first thought that runs through your mind is adventure riding. The Baja Gore-Tex boots are mainly intended for those who are very into touring and adventure riding. Although they look like motocross boots, they still keep a lot of flexibility and feel for touring. The Baja boots will handle light enduro while featuring water-proof abilities. The price for a pair is around $350.


TCX Hero Gore-Tex

The TCX Hero will go along with a vintage bike and outfit. They share the classic heavy-duty boots combining full grain leather with Gore-Tex membrane that will allow you to ride no matter the weather. The protection level is enhanced by the reinforcements around the toe, ankle and heel counter areas. The sole, although it looks knobby, it offers a high level of grip. The price tag for the TCX Hero Gore-Tex stands at $230.


TCX Vibe Waterproof

If you own a sports bike or a naked, the Vibe boots are ideal. The waterproof lining will allow you to use them in rainy conditions while the sole offers you increased grip and stability even on wet surfaces. The protections in the ankle are ensured by reinforcements in the malleolus are. The Vibe Waterproof will go for around $170.


TCX Metropolitan

If you are a classy guy that rides a classic or a custom bike and you want to look good even when you go to work, the Metropolitan boots are the ones you need. They have a casual appearance while keeping your ankles safe due to the reinforcements in the malleolus, heel counter and toe areas. The price for a pair is $200.

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