CHiPs Movie Trailer Released. VIDEO

Maybe it’s not like “Closer to the Edge” or the legendary “Long Way Round,” but it should be better than “Fifty Shades Darker” if you have to choose a weekend movie. 

CHiPs might be a familiar name for those who lived the BMW R90S/ Kawasaki Z1000 decade (the ‘70s). It was a six-season television series that presented the adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycles. 

The new CHiPs movie is a 2017 remake starring Michael Pena and Dax Shepard. And there are some old CHiPs fans not too happy about what the trailer suggests. 

It will be released in late March. 

Watch the CHiPs trailer below: 

Now here's a better recommendation. It may be shorter, but it's the sexiest motorcycle-related thing on the internet. 

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