Christmas Wish List. Best Gift Ideas for Bikers

Christmas Wish List. Best gift ideas for bikers 1

Here’s how our letter to Santa looks like

Christmas is just around the corner and no matter if you’ve been naughty or nice you should write a letter to Santa. Don’t forget to include the motorcycle goodies on your list. This way the biker in you might get a present. We’ve put together a list of presents under $600 that will make even the hard to please riders happy.

Training courses

For the racing folks, the guys at California Superbike School charge $440 for a day of training. For the dirt bike fans, the Coach2Ride training costs only $199 including the bike and gear. Santa requires that the letter include all the hints and prices so he can book a place for you. For those of you far away from these schools, there's always a circuit and instructor nearby. 

riding school

A January track-day 

Attending a track day in full winter is like a wet dream, but it doesn't have to be this way. The No Limits team is organising trackdays on the Cartagena racetrack in Spain starting with 13th of January 2018. The fun spreads across four days and includes accommodation. The price for a ticket is $555, satisfaction guaranteed.

Cartagena Trackday

Tickets For the Qatar MotoGP round

If you dream to watch your idols at work from a close distance, then you should ask Santa for a ticket at the first MotoGP round in Qatar. The race takes place at Losail international circuit and it's one of the most spectacular rounds in the calendar. It's a night-time race and a ticket in the Grandstand area starts from 56 Euro ($66) for the whole weekend. Hopefully, Santa will take care of the flight to Qatar and accommodation.

losail mgp

New set of tires 

There’s nothing like starting the season with a new set of tires, so the new rubbers have to be on the Christmas wish list. Imagine waking up on Christmas morning and finding new tires underneath the Christmas tree. How cool is that? A new set of Pirelli Angel GT goes for $370, a good bargain for Santa.

new tires

New intercom

New intercom models are coming out every month while yours gets more and more outdated. Santa knows that and, if you add a new intercom on the wish list, you might get a newer model. The Sena 30K Bluetooth headset costs $296 but, you have to be a good boy or girl to get it.


New levers

If want a motorcycle visual update, a set of LighTech Magnesium Folding Brake & Clutch levers are exactly what you need. We are sure that Santa already has a pair on his sleigh, he was not satisfied with the OEM ones. The LighTech levers cost around $220.


A brand new bike is the most wanted Christmas gift but, unfortunately, Santa’s budget is usually limited. Maybe if you're kind for a couple of years (no wheelies, no speedinc, etc), you will eventually wake up on Christmas morning with a new bike underneath the tree. 

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