Civil Motorcycle Group Patrols City Streets to Prevent Scooter Crime

Civil motorcycle group patrols city streets to prevent scooter crime 1

Bikers vs. Bad Guys: 1-0. This is what happens when people get enough of bike theft

Vigilante motorcyclists patrol London's streets to stop the theft of scooters and the crimes committed while on scooters. The group is called “Biker Biker” and rides the streets during the nights, after getting Social Media intelligence from fake accounts infiltrated in the theft rings. 

The story was published by the guys at ABC news and the initiative got our attention. The group founder says that he set up the group after three of his bikes were stolen. “I wanted to reach out to other victims and try to prevent such things happening rather than play policeman and try to cure the problem,” says the biker who wants remain anonymous. “I wanted to hit at the very base level of motorcycle theft. We as a small group started to patrol and look for stolen bikes without being noticed, but then we decided to go public after a number of years, and since then, we have had a lot of support from companies and the public.”

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Another technique they used was to set up a bait –  a motorcycle to be left on the street in a specific area, where the thieves might come out. 

More than that, using fake accounts, they track down thieves selling stolen bikes online. After surprising them with a gang of people, they manage to claim back the bike and return it to the owner. 

As you can see in the video below, the things could get intense – direct confrontation with potential bike thieves. However, the motorcyclists group says that they always act within the law and regularly communicate with the Police. 

Between January 2018 and December 2018, there were 13,721 offenses committed on scooters (or mopeds) in London. That amounts to 38 per day -– more than one an hour. Astonishingly, this is a reduction of 41.6 percent from 2017 which saw 23,477 offenses committed on scooters, the Metropolitan Police told ABC News.

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