Confederate Motorcycles Becomes Combat Motors

The company changed its name. They’re working on developing the carbon fiber forks and rear fender of their bikes

Confederate Motorcycles LLC announced a change of its company name to Combat Motors LLC to better reflect their motorcycles. The F-117 Combat Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter, FA-13 Combat Bomber and the Combat Wraith models are all a statement of their passion to build unique bikes and they all feature the word “Combat” in their name. Also, Combat Motors is working on developing the new 2020 Wraith model.


We are pleased to announce that we are now Combat Motors LLC!

Confederate Motorcycles LLC announces a change of its company name to Combat Motors LLC to better reflect the values of the company, its clients and its mission.

Combat Motors

"Our motorcycles are built in partnership with our various manufacturing vendors and our team who design, build and distribute these one of a kind masterpieces. We feel that the new name better exemplifies the spirit and values of our company, our manufacturing partners and our clients,” said Ernest Lee, owner of Combat Motos.

The F-117 Combat Fighter, P-51 Combat Fighter, FA-13 Combat Bomber and the Combat Wraith are each built upon the CX-4 frame, feature an S&S X-Wedge 117 or 132 cubic inch engine, BST wheels, RaceTech suspension, Beringer Brakes, Motogadget electronics, a Bandit clutch and have a frame carved entirely from solid billet blocks of aircraft-grade 6061 and 7075 aluminum built by 3D Systems, resulting in the most robust, fatigue-resistant motorcycle possible.

new Combat Motors 2020 Wraith

"Each of these manufacturing partners makes doing what we do possible," added Ernest Lee.

True to his passion as "a curator of the brand", Ernest has also retained many of the previous design, assembly, sales, service and support team from the company's past; Jay Etheridge, Jason Reddick, Landers Sevier, Andrew Reuther, and Dave Hargreaves to name a few.

new Combat Motors 2020 Wraith 02

"Our manufacturing vendors, our clients and our team are each integral to not only our current successes but also to determining our success in the future," he stated.

Ernest has made a ritual of consulting with clients and those previously involved with the company while deciding on the appropriate path for the brand.

"The brand is bigger than any one of us. It lives on in the clients that have owned our bikes and in the people who have been involved with the company since its inception in 1991. As long as we have motorcycles on the road, our brand will live through their owners," he concluded.

new Combat Motors 2020 Wraith 03

Today's announcement signals to the world that Combat Motors will be built for many years to come. Look for them on the road. Stay tuned for future creations.


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