Coronavirus: Ducati & Piaggio Factories Still Open

The museums are closed, but the production is still running

The Italian motorcycle manufacturers Ducati and the Piaggio Group which includes Aprilia and Moto Guzzi, have temporarily suspended museum visits and factory tours. But the factories production line is still running. 

“We would like to inform you that, as a consequence of the indications provided by the President of the Emilia Romagna Region and the Ministry of Health, all visits to the Museum, the Factory and the “Fisica in Moto” training lab are suspended from 24 February 2020 until 31 March 2020 included.” This is the message that appeared today on Ducati's official website. However, it's just for the visitors, because the production line is still open. And it's not just Ducati. The Aprilia and Moto Guzzi factories are still operational, according to the Italian press ( 


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A safety protocol has started based on the indications of the Ministero della Sanità (Ministry of Health) and Ordinanza Regionale (Regional Ordinance). Thus, a handbook of health and prevention rules was given to all employees.

Furthermore, Ducati doesn’t allow people who are reported by the authorities and come from China, South Korea and the Lombardy or Veneto regions to enter their factories. Also, the Italian brand has limited travel and business trips, meetings and gatherings within the factories to protect its employees from the Coronavirus.

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Piaggio Group, Aprilia & Moto Guzzi

The Piaggio Group have also temporarily suspended guided tours and activities in the Piaggio Museum.

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“We apologize to our visitors. Because of the spread of disease COVID-19 (also known as Coronavirus) and according to authorities’ instructions, Piaggio Foundation has decided to temporarily suspend guided tours and activities in the Piaggio Museum. Since Piaggio Museum receives hundreds of visitors from all over the world, it will remain closed from 25th February as a precautionary measure and a sign of respect towards the local community and the employees,” said Piaggio.

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“As soon as the medical emergency is called off, the Museum will immediately open to the public,” they concluded.

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Other health measures include a reduced number of meetings while the meetings with suppliers, consultants and customers will be limited to calls or conference calls.

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The Piaggio Group have also temporarily suspended national and international travel. Another health measure applied was providing their offices with body temperature detection devices to protect their employee’s health.

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Yamaha & Honda

According to OmniMoto, the Italian Yamaha and Honda factory activities are still running.

Yamaha Motor Europe’s Italian branch in Gerno di Lesmo, Monza-Brianza province, has implemented health measure protocols introduced by the Lombardy Region.

Also, Honda’s Italian factory in Atessa, Chieti province is still running. 


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  1. I think it is right for them to stop visiting but the production must go on, we must learn to live with coronavirus because no one knows when the disease will end. Do we close the factory forever?

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