Could This Be the New Honda V4 Superbike?

Could this be the New Honda V4 Superbike? 1

Rumour has it that Honda is developing a new V4 Superbike according to Young Machine. It could bear the name Honda RVF1000R and feature aerodynamic winglets

It seems the rumour is based on the fact that Honda has been working on a V4 platform in the last couple of years with all sorts of designs and patents hitting the spotlight. Moreover, a V4 Japanese superbike could become a reality if Honda decides to build the RVF1000R to tackle with rivals like Ducati Panigale V4 S.

There’s no official information from Honda regarding a new V4 superbike but looking at this design rendering from Young Machine we have to say, the Honda RVF1000R looks awesome. The motorcycle features an aerodynamic package with winglets similar to the ones fitted on Marc Marquez’ Honda RC213V MotoGP bike. Also, the material used for the bodywork, fenders, wheels and fuel tank is carbon fiber, so the V4 superbike could have a low dry weight. The braking system features Brembo radial calipers and carbon fiber disc brakes while the bike is fitted with an Ohlins suspension.

Could this be the New Honda V4 Superbike? 4

If Honda ever decides to build a V4 superbike, the engine power out will have to deliver over 200 hp to compete with bikes like Ducati Superleggera V4 which makes 234 hp fitted with the racing kit. Furthermore, the Honda RVF1000R will need the latest electronics package equipped with traction control, cornering ABS, slide control, wheelie control, electronic engine braking, and riding modes.

The last time we saw a Honda V4 superbike was back in 2015 with the Honda RC213V-S model which was developed from the Honda RC213V MotoGP bike. The street-legal machine was equipped with a V4 engine making only 159 hp and by adding race-only components, the power output could have reached 215 hp. Even if the power output was reasonable for that year, the 2015 Honda RC213V-S was lacking components such as a pneumatic valve train or a seamless gearbox. Moreover, the motorcycle had a hefty price tag of $184,000 which is quite an amount considering that is World Superbike or IOM TT superbike money. We would like Honda to make another V4 superbike, but at the moment a real V4 superbike remains just a rumour.

Could this be the New Honda V4 Superbike? 5

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