Custom 45 HP Inline-Four Honda Monkey on Steroids

The little Honda Monkey bike just received a custom motorcycle treatment most likely from YouTuber known as 94 Impala SS. And what treatment this is. This custom small bike features an inline-four Honda CBR250R engine, Akrapovič exhaust, Brembo brakes and Öhlins suspension.

The project started from a standard Honda Monkey model which features a 125cc engine making 8 hp (6.9kW) at 7,000rpm and 11Nm of torque at 5,250rpm. That may not be impressive when you look at 200 hp + superbikes, but considering the kerb weight sits at 107 kg, it seems quite of a small fun bike. Adding a 250cc inline-four engine borrowed from a Honda CBR250R model and the power figures reach 45 hp (32.8kW) at 14,500 rpm and a maximum torque level of 23.5 Nm (17.3 lb-ft) at 11,500 rpm. Now, that’s some power for such a small bike.

And that’s not all. This custom Honda Monkey was completely redesigned and fitted with some premium components we don’t get to see mounted on small-displacement motorcycles.

To start with, the frame is different to allow the 250cc engine to be mounted onto the bike, the fork is borrowed from a Ducati motorcycle while the bike still has the stock fuel tank and saddle we know from the standard Honda Monkey.

Also, it features Brembo master cylinders for the braking system, Öhlins rear shocks, braided stainless steel lines, Akrapovič cans and a steering damper. Moreover, the bike is not finished yet. There are still more components to be added for example a dual disc brake setup.

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