Custom BMW K100 Built With Porsche 911 Colour Scheme

Minimalist cafe racer design and a reworked engine

Called Project K, the bike was developed by Tommo and Dav of Spitfire Speed Shop based in the UK. Built into a minimalist café racer, this custom BMW wears a Porsche 911 paint scheme and has a 987cc engine good enough for a top speed of 137 mph. 

To begin this project, the motorcycle was stripped down of all its components. Spitfire Speed Shop added the front end from a Suzuki GSX-R1000 to improve handling, Tokico twin disc brakes, a new subframe and a custom tail to name a few. The bike features a YSS adjustable shock fitted horizontally to the swingarm to deliver a pushrod-like suspension similar to those used in race cars. 
A diamond-stitched seat was fitted and to make the BMW K100 cafe racer shine it was painted with a powder-coated colour scheme resembling a Porsche 911.


BMW_K100_spitfire_00009 1

Beneath all that glam we find a 987cc inline-four engine with a couple of tweaks. The original airbox and fuel injection are gone and Spitfire Speed Shop equipped Keihin side-draft carbs with custom made intake manifolds, a Domino throttle with universal cables and four air pods. Completing the package, the K100 Project K has chrome filters and a cut exhaust. There are no tech details regarding any power out figures, so probably the delivery is still 61.7Kw (84hp).

BMW_K100_spitfire_00008 1

The ECU for the fueling was ditched and Tommo and Dav decided to keep the Bosch ignition side and hide all the wiring in a custom-crafted box under the seat. To keep a classic look, the original fuel tank was restored.

BMW_K100_spitfire_00002 1

BMW_K100_spitfire_00004 1

The BMW K100 Project K was built to be shown as a Pro-Build at the 2020 BikeShed show and unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to the current lockdown. All in all, we have to say the bike looks awesome.



BMW_K100_spitfire_00001 1

BMW_K100_spitfire_00003 1

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