Custom Built. From Zero Kilometers

Custom Built. From Zero Kilometers 1

The custom bike you’ve always wanted without the headache of having to source vintage parts from who-knows-where

The classic way to go about your new custom motorcycle is to source a base that is usually an old, motorcycle that needs some degree of restoration and before chopping and welding. But what if you could get a bike that’s factory new but also shed built? Here comes Bendita Macchina, a shop out of Brasil that does just that. 

They customize bikes with 0 km on the dash so you don’t have to worry about sourcing carbs or god forbid even rebuild parts of the frame. This way, you also get to enjoy that new bike smell. No need to tell you that’s a thing.

The bikes are all built in the shop’s signature style. Scrambler looks, no frills, single cylinder modern machines that I bet are a ton of fun to ride. They also do up the occasional café racer.

Bendita Macchina bases their bikes on Yamaha’s, Honda’s and even KTM’s. 


Okay, great, but what’s the downside? You may ask. Size. In some cases, it does matter.

While I love the idea of offering custom motorcycles that are also flawless in engineering and won’t let you down or give you much headache, Bendita Macchina’s bikes are a bit low on cc’s, their biggest being in the 300-400 category.

Nevertheless, this is an interesting approach from a custom shop and they answer one of the biggest needs when it comes to projects. Actually run. Yes, they run like new. Because they are. And the shop has found a very interesting niche in the custom market. Bendita Macchina keeps putting out project after project, so the brand must be doing well.


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