Customize Your on Dainese Race Leathers Down to Details

Customize your on Dainese race leathers down to details 1

Premium racing suit manufacturer Dainese debuts the Custom Works program that allows customers to design and personalize their leathers

Italian racing wear guru Dainese debuts an awesome program that allows their customers to personalize their next leather suit. The Custom Works program is hosted online on Dainese’s website and offer numerous customization options while providing a real-time visual progress with a 3D model of the suit.

We went through the entire process, down to the custom fit measurements and actual purchase, and we loved how easy and straightforward the flow is. Customers will enjoy using a very intuitive shopping experience aided by a rotating 3D model of their future racing suit.  All the changes being displayed instantaneously for a truly rewarding and fun design experience even a kid could carry out effortlessly.

Riders can choose whether they want a one-piece or a two- piece suit, then, according to their choice, they can select the specific model in that category. After making this choice, they must decide whether they want their suit made from perforated or non-perforated leather, and then jump to the fun part of choosing the colors for the leather panels.

Dainese even allows customers to choose the color of the elbow and knee plates, as well as elbow and knee sliders, alongside that of the stretch patches. Before they place an order, they are given the opportunity to create a personal custom fit for the suit, based on the body biometrics. If they feel like the perfect fit is worth an extra $750, they can book an appointment with a Dainese dealer.

Suits can be ordered both in casual trim or equipped with the D|Air airbag system used even in MotoGP, and the price will vary accordingly, of course. Once the customization is over, Dainese sends an unique code that corresponds to all the modifications riders made to the standard leathers. From this point it’s all down to measurements and payment, then anxiously waiting for one of the best racing leathers in the world to arrive at your doorstep.

Head over to Dainese and try the Custom Works 3D online configurator for yourself!


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