Damon Electric Motorcycles Unveils Two New Hypersport Models

Damon Electric Motorcycles Unveils Two New Hypersport Models 1
The electric bikes are fitted with high tech including a 360-degree warning system Damon launched two new versions derived from the Hypersport Pro – the Premier Arctic Sun and the Midnight Sun. The electric bikes are built in limited numbers. The motorcycles feature new colour schemes like white and gold for the Arctic Sun while the Midnight Sun is painted in black and gold. The price tag for each model stands at $39,995 and Damon offers the possibility to reserve one with a $1,000 deposit. Also, Damon offers the option for a full deposit refund.

damon hypersport premier arctic sun and midnight sun The power unit delivers 214 hp which allow a 0-60 mph in under three seconds while the top speed sits at 200 mph. Charging the battery at a Level 2 station takes under three hours. Moreover, the mix range, including highway and city usage, is around 200 miles. The two electric bikes are fitted with the CoPilot feature which is a 360-degree radar assistance system and the Shift system that modifies the motorcycle’s ergonomics. Other features include Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes. The weight is under 440 lbs (199.5 kg).

 damon_blog Damon purchased Mission Motors which built some fast electric bikes to break the electric speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats and the Isle of Man TT Zero race. Moreover, the company wants to further develop the technologies from Mission Motors including the PM200 electric motor, Mission Inverter, and Skyline Telematics. The plan is to use this tech to their electric bikes.  index hero day.b79efe192cb6f959104f9f48a8a9bfb8.png

Damon Hypersport Arctic Sun & Midnight Sun 03 "The purchase of the Mission Motors IP will add to Damon’s capability to build the highest performance drive trains in motorcycling,” said Damon Motorcycles COO Derek Dorresteyn. “Mission Motors was a technical leader and we are happy that some of that competitive DNA have passed into the Damon Hypersport. We intend to improve upon it considerably to take motorcycling into an entirely new level of performance,” he concluded.  The company looks set to enhance new tech on their future bikes and start production by next year.   

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