Does the New Hayabusa Trademark Application Mean We’re in for a New Machine?

Does the new Hayabusa trademark application mean we're in for a new machine? 1

The good old Hayabusa is a phased-out model, at least in the trim we were used to it, but there might be hope left for a comeback.

A new trademark application from Suzuki indicates that there may be “life after death” for the GSX-1300R. The new trademark includes a wide variety of products ranging from clothing and motorcycle gear, to watches, jewelry, stationary and more. So the natural question is why would Hamamatsu apply for such a trademark if the Hayabusa is through?

That’s because the Busa lineage is most likely not over, we believe. We know that Suzuki got a derogation from EU laws that allowed the sale of the non-Euro 4 bikes still in stock until the end of 2018, buying them some time. So, in 2017 and 2018, Hayabusas (2018 model year pictured) could still be sold in Europe despite their lack of compliance with the emissions standard, under the provision that Suzuki worked on new machines or be left with bikes in stock that had to be sold elsewhere.

Now, Suzuki’s websites still don’t mention a 2019 GSX-1300R, and this might be a sign that Hamamatsu may prepare a new model for 2020. Even so, there’s nothing stopping Suzuki from showing at least a concept this fall, and we think this is exactly what will happen.

The launch of an all-new, Euro 4 Hayabusa with updated engine, new looks and all the electronic bells and whistles is the perfect moment for Suzuki to go on a marketing rampage with all guns blazing. Hayabusa is one of the most iconic bikes in Suzuki’s stable, and it’s hard to believe that Hamamatsu would simply let it fade away so easily.

A revamped GSX-1300R seems imminent and we wonder what Suzuki will bring to the hyperbike fight. Any guesses?

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