Drag Race: Guy Martin’s 800hp Hayabusa vs Michael Rutter’s 200+Hp TT Honda

Drag Race: Guy Martin's 800hp Hayabusa vs Michael Rutter's 200+hp TT Honda 1

The two Isle of Man Tourist Trophy riders competed in a drag race according to Practical Sportsbikes Magazine. It was all part of Project 300 and as you might have guessed, the figure stands for mph.


The top speed was around 200mph, but the two riders raced on some mean machines. Guy Martin was on his turbocharged 800hp Suzuki Hayabusa which he built to help him break some land speed records.

On the other hand, Michael Rutter raced on his Bathams Racing Honda RC213V-S Isle of Man TT race bike. That’s a 200+hp superbike priced around €220,000. Moreover, as you can hear from the video, even with that power delivery, the Honda felt like a 125cc machine compared to the brutal 800hp Hayabusa.

Even if the top speed on the runaway was around 200mph, Guy’s turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa reached during some practice runs 274.76 mph. That top speed made him the unofficial fastest man in the UK on a conventional motorcycle. It’ll take a while to reach that 300 mph mark, but we think it’s just a matter of time and effort.



May 2018 Project 300 was born. It’s first ever run did a respectable 183.044. June 2019 Guy took to Elvington and did a 257.727. September 2019 another go and he came away with a personal best of 270.965. Back to the shed for the winter until the conditions were perfect to push for the big 300. Then we all went into lockdown. Yesterday Guy had the opportunity to go to an airfield (abiding by social distancing) and have a few practise runs and came away with a 274.76. He was delighted with a new personal best And he is unofficially the fastest man in the UK on a conventional motorcycle. Guy has realised the journey to 300 might take a bit longer. Finding that extra 25mph will be difficult but sure anything worth having does not come by easily! This is not a tv thing, this is just a personal project, think it was a tad too dangerous for them 🙂 #project300 #guymartinracing #guymartin

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