Druid Prepares a Hybrid Motorcycle

Druid Prepares a Hybrid Motorcycle 1

California-based company Druid Motorcycles reveals plans of building a hybrid motorcycle and this may be just what we were waiting for.

If this project takes off, it might signal the dawn of a new era in motorcycling. Taking things beyond the almost “classic” electric approach, Druid integrates artificial intelligence in their machines, hoping to make them significantly smarter and react better to the changes in weather or riding manner.

Druid aims at delivering two bikes called Sorcerer Hybrid and Sorcerer XEV, with the latter being an all-electric undertaking. XEV can deliver a peak of 150 hp and a top range of 120 miles, whereas the hybrid version is said to be capable of 230 hp and a 200-mile range. Sorcerer Hybrid will carry a 14 kWh battery and a two-cylinder internal combustion engine, but no details have been offered as to how these two power sources will work together.

Aside from the hybrid motorcycle concept, Druid brings forth a new type of chassis, dubbed the Prophet Platform. It revolves around a 3D printed graphene chassis with variable architecture that’s said to easily transform to accommodate multiple types of riders and riding styles.

We’ll be watching this subject closely as it brings new things to the two-wheled game. After all, Milan Svoboda, Druid’s mastermind and founder is a former aerospace designer and is aided in his pursuit by engineers and mathematicians from the Trencin Polytechnic Institute in Slovakia. Chances are that such a team could come up with one of the most advanced new-tech motorcycles to date.

There is no word on the Sorcerer Hybrid’s price tag, but Druid lists the Sorcerer XEV at $7,900, Cloud connectivity included, which sounds almost too good to be true.

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