Ducati 959 Panigale. New Sport Middleweight

Ducati 959 Panigale. New sport middleweight 1

Ducati 959 Panigale is replacing the 899 in Ducati’s middleweight supersport segment. The new engine develops 157 hp at 10.500 rpm.

Ducati 899 was a high praised middleweight sportbike, with a good balance, very appreciated both on track and public roads. So it was a tough job for Ducati to develop a better bike. We don’t tested it yet, so we don’t know if they managed to do so, but according to the tech specs it has more power and better spread of torque, still about the same wet weight (195 kg – 2 kilos more than 899). If the handling is at least the same, it should be one of the bikes to ride in the following years.

The engine is developed from 899 Superquadro

The 955 Superquadro engine meets the Euro 4 regulations and is capable of 157 hp @10.500 rpm (899 had 148@10.750). The longer stroke (similar to 1299 Panigale) gives a higher torque value and a better spread across the whole rpm regime. The increase is significant in the mid-range – over 5.000 rpm -, according to Ducati.

“In particular, while the greater power increases performance in terms of top speed, the torque supplied by the 959 Panigale ensures greater drive and the chance, on track, to enjoy higher performance through the corners. In addition, good torque at medium-low speeds allows for all-round enjoyment of the bike without having to change gear”, says Marco Sairu – Head of Engine Project Management for Ducati.

The screen has a more racing-oriented shape, while the new tail is divided into two sections.

The frame is a monocoque structure built from aluminum, while the Superquadro engine is used as a structural element.

Ducati says that 959 Panigale has a perfect weight balance – 50/50 with the rider up. The braking system consists of two 320 mm (front) and a 245 mm (rear) plus Brembo mono bloc M4 calipers. The ABS system has three intervention levels, which can be setup by the rider.


The new 959 Panigale has an eight-profile traction control and three dedicated riding modes: race, sport and wet. Being a 2016 sportbike, it has a quickshifter.

The fork is a fully adjustable Showa BPF, while the back suspension is a Sachs unit. The swing arm is still double sided, unlike 1199 and 1299.

As for the dashboard, Ducati 959 Panigale has an LCD display that allows you to customize the electronics and the stopwatch function can store the last 30 laps.

In addition Ducati prepared some racing accessories, from an Akrapovic exhaust kit to carbon fiber mudguards.

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