Ducati Desert X Adv Concept. Would You Buy It?

Ducati unveiled the Desert X Concept at the EICMA. Of course, no word about getting it to production – it was just a showcase to see the people’s reaction. 

The Desert X is inspired by the Paris-Dakar Rally bikes – take a look at the twin-headlight and the colors, and it’s based on the Scrambler 1100 platform. But from the tech specs, it seems that this Desert X is not just a poser: having a 30 liters fuel capacity, split into two (front and rear fuel tanks) means an enormous range. There’s also a 21-inch/18-inch tire size combination, and the suspension seems to be good enough for some spirited riding in the off-road. 

There’s are also a couple of nice design touches – the trellis frame-integrated toolbox is just one of them. The dash isn’t ready yet, but it mimics a Rally navigation tower. Watch our EICMA walkaround and subscribe for more.

There's another hot concept showcased at the EICMA. Take a look at the Husqvarna Norden 901. 

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