Ducati Diavel Diesel Is a Hell of a Bike. 666 Exclusive Units

Ducati Diavel Diesel is a Hell of a Bike. 666 Exclusive Units 1

What’s hotter than a Ducati Diavel? A Diavel with a 666 number plate on the plate.

Ducati Diavel Diesel is not an oil-burner powered motorcycle. It’s the result of a partnership between Ducati and Diesel fashion brand and the inspiration for their work is “an imaginary post-apocalyptic and retro-futuristic world with a hyperkinetic vitality.” 

The Diavel Diesel features a hand-brushed steel tank cover with visible welds and rivets. The design company also put its mark on the headlight fairing and the passenger seat. 

Ducati Diavel Diesel

The Ducati Diavel Diesel will be produced in 666 units – each of them bearing a number plate engraved with the Diavel and Diesel logos and with the “Never Look Back” tagline – representing the whole idea behind this project – a timeless machine. 

Also, Ducati, Diavel, and Diesel are three words, each of them having six letters – 666 number. Got it?

Ducati Diavel Diesel 666

The genuine leather seat bears the symbol of a pyramid with three equal sides identifying the three Ds of Ducati, Diavel, and Deisel. 

The exhaust is also capable of a different diabolically sound, due to the black Zircotec ceramic coating on the tubes and black silencers with billet endocarps also bearing the pyramid logo. 

As for the engine, is the same Testastretta engine, capable of 160 hp and 130 NM. 

Ducati Diavel Diesel 3

Ducati Diavel Diesel 6

Ducati Diavel Diesel 5

Ducati Diavel Diesel 8


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