Ducati Monster Leggero GTS Custom Bike Everybody Should Have

Ducati Monster Leggero GTS Custom Bike Everybody Should Have 1

Walt Siegl’s Ducati Leggero customs are getting more and more refined

A well-known builder in the custom world, Walt Siegl, knows his way around all things Ducati. The bikes that leave his New Hampshire workshop get a totally new direction in terms of looks, performance and desirability; the projects become bikes to die for.

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Only Ducati

His latest project is something unusual for his standard. The typical projects for Walt are the two-valve Ducatis but this time we went on a different path. “I picked a 2012 Ducati Monster 1100 as a donor,” he says, “for its engine and single-sided swing arm. It meant a different mounting point for the rear shock and some reinforcement for the frame.

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Performance had to be on top

Siegl's projects involve numerous changes and even engine tuning. The design is not the only area where he leaves his mark. For the GTS Leggero, the donor bike went on a diet, and a lot of performance add-ons were added. The tail frame was replaced by a custom-built aluminum one whose total weight was under six kilos. The wheels are now lightweight OZ, and the suspension was changed with Öhlins. The engine performance was increased, and the ECU was modified to deliver a smooth output throughout the whole RPM range. Walt picked a full exhaust system produced by SCProject and he redesigned it to fit the new assembly.
The fairings and fuel tank were made out of carbon fiber. The gas tank wears the trademark Leggero silver Kevlar fabric patch.

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The retro modern approach

The concept behind WSM design is to keep everything in balance. The builder seeks a classic design combined with contemporary performance. Walter said he seems to “always be trying to prove that a contemporary bike, with all its high-tech components, does not necessarily have to be designed to look like a fighter jet,” although he agrees with other points of view. This project is intended for everyday use and so a more upright position was needed to relieve the weight on the wrists. The Leggero GTS is a clean looking custom that finds its place in every dream garage.

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