Ducati Panigale V4 Catches Fire in Traffic

Ducati Panigale V4 catches Fire in traffic 1

Watch a $21,000 Superbike burning at a red light in the city

A $21,195 Ducati Panigale V4 – the most beautiful superbike alive – is hotter than hell in these photos published on the Ducati forum. "Just now. Fire department just came and put it out. Just riding normally and smelled something burning. Looked down and it's on fire. At a red light. And pulled over” says the unlucky owner. 

No words about the problem yet. It might have been a short-circuit, or a loosen part too close to the exhaust system, but this is just speculations. Fortunately, the rider was waiting at a red light and managed to save himself unharmed. The incident took place in Vancouver, Canada. 

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Ducati North America took action immediately and provided the owner with a brand new bike within hours. The damaged bike was taken by the company for further investigation. "Ducati North America contacted me once, to ensure I was ok and to inform me a replacement bike is on the way", says the owner who is very happy with the dealer's response. If there’s a problem with the wiring or some kind of fuel leakages Ducati will probably announce a recall for the Panigale V4. 

The Audi Group brand, Ducati, presented recently in a press conference the sales figures for 2017. The company experienced an overall growth compared to 2016, and things are looking promising for 2018.

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