Ducati Recalls Supersport and Supersport S for Fire Hazard

Ducati recalls Supersport and Supersport S for fire hazard 1

Ducati recalls two more models to fix a fire hazard-related defect, and this time it’s the Supersport and Supersport S superbikes that need some minor fixing. Two of the fuel hoses have been improperly routed and in certain conditions, they might come in contact with hot surfaces, leading to a vehicle fire.

Model year 2017 and 2018 Ducati Supersport and Supersport S are affected, with 1,462 machines in the US alone. The affected motorcycles have been assembled with both the airbox blow-by and fuel tank overfill hoses routed too close to the horizontal exhaust manifold.

With the said manifold almost getting red hot at times, one or both hoses could melt, and in case there is fuel inside them, it could catch fire. Ducati identified the problem, and mentioned that “the routing and clamping design for the fuel drain hose does not adequately prevent possible contact between the hoses and the horizontal exhaust manifold.”

The Italian maker adds that a defective motorcycle might give off warning signs prior to a fire. At idle speed, riders could see smoke coming from the lower left side of the fairing. Also they could smell burning rubber. In both cases, Ducati advises them the shut off the engine and have the bike taken to a Ducati dealer.

During the past three months, three vehicle fires have been reported, in three different countries, one of which is the US, reportedly without injuries.

Fixing the defect is going to be an easy task, albeit one that’s supposed to be carried out Ducati-authorized mechanics only. The airbox and fuel tank drain hoses will be rerouted in front of the existing electrical wiring, while the rubber clamps will be installed lower to avoid any possible contact with the exhaust manifold. The entire operation should not take longer than 30 minutes, but reports of having the Ducati fixed in 24 minutes already surfaced. The repair is free of charge, Ducati announces. All Ducati Supersport and Supersport S customers will be notified, and the recall is scheduled to start officially on August 11. However, if you don’t want to wait, contacting your Ducati dealer might solve the issues sooner, so you can return to your riding habits.

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