Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. 400 Cc of Pop Culture

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. 400 cc of Pop Culture 1

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. 400 cc of Pop CultureScrambler Sixty2 is a smaller version of the Scrambler launched last year. After entering ‘the Land of Joy’, Ducati says it’s time for a “Pop Icon”.

Tech facts: air-cooled 400 cc L-Twin capable of 41 hp and 34,6 Nm. 183 kg wet weight. LED ring on the headlight. 

Marketing facts: youth culture of skateboarding, surfing and pop music. We put them here because Ducati did a great job in 2015 with the Scrambler. The “Land of Joy” marketing idea managed to sell lot of bikes, more than even Ducati anticipated. 

After the huge success of the Scrambler, Ducati revealed a small-displacement bike called Sixty2. It has the same “cool” factor of its bigger brother but it’s got 41 hp instead of 75 which means that it will be quite slower, because the weight it’s pretty the same: 183 vs. 186 kg. But the weight to power ratio is still good for an urban motorcycle dedicated to lifestyle and not to performance. 

Sixty2 has also got lower tech specs. Let’s take the brakes, for example. Instead of a 4 piston caliper which made a great job on the bigger Scrambler, it has a 2 piston caliper and a smaller disc (320 mm). 

The suspension has the same travel, but the fork is now Showa and not Kayaba, while the rear tire is smaller (160 instead of 180). The tires are the same Pirelli MT 10. 

Scrambler Sixty2 also lost its underseat storage space of the bigger Scrambler, which had a USB port. 

But the most important thing is that Scrambler Sixty2 feels like a big bike when standing on it. We saw that at EICMA, last fall. Anyway, to be sure, we have to test it and see how it can handle the city, the secondary roads and the soft offroad.

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