Eicma 2018: Honda CB125X and CB124M Concepts

Eicma 2018: Honda CB125X and CB124M concepts 1

We love the idea of a concept because the manufacturer is usually considering to put that machine in production. For this year the Honda Motor Europe R&D team came up with two very attractive 125 thumpers, an adventure-tourer and a supermoto that got our attention immediately.

You can watch our video with the two stunning concepts in the window below or directly on our

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The idea of a small displacement bike might be less interesting for the European riders but, in Asia, these bikes are very well received.  The adventure model, CB125X looks just like a serious trail eating machine ready to face anything you can throw at it, while the 125M looks like a track ready supermoto. The looks for the adventure model are inspired by the Africa Twin lines while the supermoto gets something from the Neo Sports design. These two concepts are clearly out of the box and, the biggest question mark is still the engine. 

The maximum power output for the 125cc bikes in Euro 4 trim is 15 hp. This might seem very low for any rider but, personally, I remember riding 50cc bikes and having the fun of my life. A thing is for sure the A1 licence owners will be very happy with these two choices from Honda.

Will this concept X be the base ground for a new line of small displacement bikes that Honda will build in a few years? We would love to see such great looking machines on the streets.

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