Electric Campagna T-Rex Reverse Trike in the Works

Electric Campagna T-Rex reverse trike in the works 1

Canadian three-wheeler maker Campagna prepares an electric version of their T-Rex, with motors supplied by Zero, announces 300 km city range

Canadian three-wheeled motorcycle manufacturer Campagna Motors announces their all-new addition to the fleet in the form of an electric version of their popular T-Rex beast. A prototype of the electric T-Rex debuted at the recent Montreal Electric Vehicle Show this April, with an advanced version most likely arriving this summer.

Campagna teamed up with electric vehicle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles, who will thus add their dual motor to the line-up next to the powerplants sourced from the BMW K1600 and Harley-Davidson V-Rod.


Zero’s motors, batteries and controller have been integrated seamlessly into the T-Rex, and the only thing giving away its green character is the “electric” decal on the hood of the beast.

Juice comes from a hefty 26 kWh battery pack, feeding two air-cooled motors that spin the single rear wheel. Their combined power rating is 140 hp, and they produce just under 315 Nm of torque, which is utterly impressive.

Knowing that all the torque is available from 0 rpm, pushing the pedal to the metal while inside the electric T-Rex must definitely be an experience that’s hard to beat. As for the recharging times, using a fast charger could have you up and running in only two hours, whereas using normal chargers could require leaving the beast plugged overnight.


The motors can hurl the electric T-Rex to speeds up to 180 km/h (112 mph), and bring it from 0 to 100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 3.2 seconds. Campagna says that their machine can do around 300 km (186 miles) of city driving with the aid of regenerative brakes, while mixed conditions (adding some highway fun) should reduce the range to around 225 km (140 miles).

The batteries DO bring in extra weight to the T-Rex. The ICE version tipped the scales at around 525 kg (1160 lb), while its electric sibling weighs just under 600 kg (1320 lb).

Campagna haven’t mentioned a thing about when the electric T-Rex might enter production (if at all), but they said they’re already working on an MKII version with supposedly improved specs.




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