Electric Escort Motorcycles for Putin

Electric Escort Motorcycles for Putin 1

An entire fleet of electric motorcycles are being developed to become companion bikes for Russian President Vladimir Putin. It’ll be manufactured under the Aurus label and powered by an electric motor making 150 hp.

The state vehicle fleet of Russian President Vladimir Putin includes vehicles manufactured and developed in Russia. They all run under the label Aurus like the state limousine Aurus Senat, the Aurus Arsenal van and the upcoming SUV Aurus Komendant. Now, another Aurus model is under development as these patents show.

Patent images of the electric motorcycle presented under the Aurus label have been posted by Russia’s Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent). The bike’s name is Escort, it will have the task to run as a companion motorcycle, and it will be available for sale. According to Drom, it’s developed by the Russian State Scientific Research Center (FSUE NAMI) and the Kalashnikov Group. Also, the electric motorcycle is scheduled to be unveiled in 2022 or 2023.

The bike is powered by an electric engine making 150 hp enough to reach a top speed of 250 kph. The large battery pack is fitted in the center of the aluminum bridge cast frame and a Hossack-type front suspension with a central shock absorber. It comes with an adjustable windshield, aluminum swing arm supported by a central spring strut while the final drive takes place via a toothed belt. Looking at the fork it also seems to work with a central spring strut. The braking system is provided by twin discs on the front and a large brake disc on the rear. Two side cases complete the package.

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