Erik Buell Is Back in the Bike World With New Electric Mobility Ideas

Erik Buell is back in the bike world with new electric mobility ideas 1

Iconic bike builder Erik Buell returns once more to the two-wheeled industry after teaming with SRT and Vanguard Motorcycles, plans electric bikes.

We sort of lost count of how many times Erik Buell went out of business, but the big news is that he’s back. Once more, his appetite for building motorcycles seems to be strong enough to take him one step forward in the industry, and this time electric bikes are on the roster.

Erik Buell teams up with Spark Racing Technology (SRT), a French racing tech company that’s a household name in Formula E series. Namely, SRT is the official car supplier for the Formula E Championship, fielding no less than five chassis starting this year.

The other partner Buell chose is NY-based builder Vanguard Motorcycles, who already has some exploits in the custom roadster business since 2016. Together, the three entities aim high at bringing new electric vehicles to the market, under the VanguardSpark brand.

Until now, we got hold of two CAD renderings corresponding to VanguardSpark’s initial plans of outing a couple of electrified two-wheelers. They envisage making an electric-assist bike called SpeedBike and a proper e-motorcycle dubbed The Commuter.

We’re thrilled to see a pedelec with such aggressive and clean looks, and we hope it retains its full suspension trim in the production version. The swingarm is reminiscent of liter-class sport motorcycles, and we totally love it. Disc brakes both in the front and the rear mean serious stopping power for a safe ride, while the beefy tires mean business even when leaving the tarmac behind. 

vanguard buell electric_02

Now, to the VanguardSpark Commuter, an electric bike whose initial design sketch looks painfully familiar. And if it’s not the case for you, then you should take a peek at the Lotus C-01, created years ago by top-notch designer Daniel Simon. VanguardSpark estimate that the Commuter’s range should be around 150 km (93 miles), and that would be truly sweet, if it turns out to be real.

The CAD sketches depict what appears to be a rear hub motor on the Commuter, and that would be a downside, first of all, because hub motors aren’t exactly known for their power, and secondly, because handling would feel a bit weird on such a motorcycle.

We’re excitedly looking forward to seeing VanguardSpark take flight, hopefully with more success on Erik’s side than what he’s got until now during the past years.

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