French Industrial Designer Creates the Bentley Hooligan Motorcycle

What if Bentley started building motorcycles? Would you buy one?

Thomas Angebault is the man behind this design rendering which gives us a clue of what a Bentley motorcycle could look like if they ever consider building motorcycles. The Hooligan features a twin headlight design borrowed from the famous 1930 Bentley Le Mans Blower car, electric power unit front swingarm and the iconic British Racing Green paint scheme.

It’s not the first time Thomas is showing us a car to bike transformation as he designed in the past a Bugatti motorcycle, a BMW model and a futuristic machine dubbed Cyber Bike. Moreover, other car brands actually manufactured motorcycles like Lotus with the C-01 model and Aston Martin with Brough Superion and their AMB 001. But let’s talk about this Bentley Hooligan.


This motorcycle, also named the Voltage Racer features a neo-retro style which reminds us of the ‘30s Bentley Le Mans Blower 4½-litre car with its big round headlights. Instead of a conventional fork, the motorcycle has a front swingarm (or hubless steering system) with the shocks on display and the bottom side of the swingarm gives us a clue that it could be a two-wheel drive system fitted on the bike. The rim-mounted disc brakes stand out and look amazing. Like any other Bentley, it needs to have luxury components and the quilted leather saddle is an example of that aspect. Of course, what better colour to pick for a British motorcycle than British Racing Green.

Even with vintage and modern design mixture, this Bentley motorcycle is fitted with an electric power unit. So, no superchargers or conventional petrol engines like in the good old days.

The Bentley Hooligan motorcycle or Voltage Racer if you like the latter more is quite an impressive motorcycle design rendering we have to say. It also tells us how much three months of COVID-included boredom can make a French design artist push the boundaries of a motorcycle sketch.

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