GoPro Hero6 Unveiled – New Features and Price

The new GoPro Hero6 looks more like a Hero5 update, sharing the same shape but with bigger price, better performance and 4k60 and 1080p240 for slow-motion videos. 

GoPro announces an all-new GP1 chip that delivers twice the performance of Hero5 and “best image quality”. More than that, you can shoot slow motion videos now at 4k60 and 1080p240. 

Just like the Hero 5, it’s 10m waterproof without a housing and features voice commands and image stabilizer. 

Both the Hero5 and Hero6 cameras come with the Quik Stories Instagram-dedicated feature that creates short videos from your footage so you’ll be able to upload them to your Instagram account. For the social media noobs, the stories are a video-format social media post that automatically disappears after a while. 

The price tag: Hero6 Black – €569.99. Hero5 Black – €469.99

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