Hard to Believe These Extreme Scooters Used to Be Vespas

Hard to Believe these Extreme Scooters used to be Vespas 1

Vespa scooters are stylish machines, but for this scooter club, it’s not the case. Their name is Rebel Riders according to this video from Great Big Story and they like to tweak their Vespas to the extreme.

When we look at Vespa scooters, we see them as a stylish, chic, posh, elegant and any other fancy word we can think of to describe how the Italian scooter looks like. Well, this may be for most of us, but in developing Asian countries such as Indonesia, this may not be the case. Take for example the Rebel Riders which is a Vespa owners club who likes to give a helping hand amongst themselves and convert Vespa scooters into raw machines. For example, anything goes, sort of speak, from using scrap metal, tree branches to any other material or component they can think of. Thus, the final result is a raw-edged rickshaw, truck, or even a half-track.

Vespa scooters seem like a good base platform to start customizing them into unique vehicles thanks to the robust steel frames. Rebel Riders even created a rickshaw and a 22-wheeled military-looking half-track. Using any type of material from scrap metal to wood, one Vespa scooter here has a tree branch over the handlebars and a frame manufactured from two wrecked trucks.

We don’t know how street legal these extreme scooters are to parts like the US or Western Europe, but it’s fun to watch them ridden through Indonesia.

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