Harley-Davidson Sales Fall Again in Q1 2018

Harley-Davidson Sales fall again in Q1 2018 1

12% change in the U.S. 7,2% worldwide for Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson announced the Q1 2018 financial results that “confirm the 2018 outlook”. But this is not necessarily good news since the sales were down 12.0 percent in the U.S., Harley-Davidson’s core market. The whole +600cc market was down in the Q1 2018, but Harley-Davidson controls half of this segment.

Rezultate Q1 HD.png

Rezutate q1 HD.png

On the other hand, the Harley-Davidson President, Matt Levatich seems optimistic, due to the revenue growth in the Softail and Touring segments. 

"We are pleased to deliver revenue growth on the heels of our recent product investments in Softail and Touring. This, plus solid financial services segment performance and strong cash returns during the first quarter underscore our commitment to drive shareholder value," said Matt Levatich, president and chief executive officer, Harley-Davidson, Inc.  "Our international markets returned to retail sales growth supporting our long-term objective to increase international sales to build the next generation of riders globally.”

What does “building the next generation of riders” mean?

The problem with Harley-Davidson is that its core audience is growing old and quits buying or riding motorcycles. And the younger one is not buying either. So, at last, Harley-Davidson is trying to become more appealing to the new generation of riders. Here’s the plan: 

– Introduction of Iron 1200 and Forty-Eight Special Models – the latest in a line of 100 “high-impact” motorcycles the company expects to introduce by 2027. However, a new product for Harley-Davidson usually refers to the same bike with different aesthetics. 
– Harley-Davidson Snow Hill Climb at X Games Aspen alongside ski, snowboard, and other action-sports competitions.
new dealers and boutique-shops in China and India
– #HD115 parties in Prague and Milwaukee
– a collaborative agreement with Alta Motors to build electric motorcycles

Harley Iron 48 4411

You can find the Q1 2018 Harley-Davidson press release here. 

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