Harley-Davidson Sells Bike Number 5 Million, What’s Next?

Harley-Davidson sells bike number 5 million, what’s next? 1

Champagne for everyone at Harley-Davidson’s HQ as MoCo hits a historic milestone: their 5 millionth motorcycle that rolled off the assembly line was sold through a dealership in Wisconsin. The new client’s name is Walter Bartlett and he’s the owner of a now famous Heritage Classic machine that will certainly retain a massive resale value when/if he decides to let it go.

Harley-Davidson is probably one of the most iconic names in the motorcycling world, with its heritage going way past marketing, advertising or stereotypes. Whether we like it or not, the Bar and Shield is one of the most recognizable brands in the industry, and they are still accounting for a huge chunk of the new motorcycle market in the US.

From a name usually associated with motorcycle gangs or legendary movies, Harley took serious steps towards becoming a brand that takes into account the shifting two-wheeled world dynamics. No longer tied to mid-life crisis purchases, H-D upped their game understanding that changing demographics demand a different approach to making motorbikes.

Their new machines started to integrate more technology, from adding liquid cooling to their engines to ABS and electronic aids and to implementing most of the modern bells and whistles one can see around today. Even more, Milwaukee managed to retain its classic approach to the motorcycling vibe, the never-aging looks and all the mojo that contributed to the brand’s success over the past century.

From the most expensive CVO machines to entry-level beginners’ bikes and even to electric motorcycles, H-D now looks more open to new horizons than ever before. Wondering what’s up next…


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