Harley-Davidson Widens the Electric Range

Harley-Davidson Widens the Electric Range 1

Two new electric concepts from the U.S. manufacturer

Just as they promised, the guys at Harley-Davidson are getting a lot deeper into electric bikes after presenting photos of two new electric concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The photos were unveiled together with the specs and price of the company’s latest electric cruiser, the LiveWire.

The two additional models in the photos are an electric scooter and an electric mountain bike that wear the HD logo on them. The scooter is a very funky machine that seems to fit two people. The room underneath the saddle can be used as a storage room while monkey bar handlebars make it fit for the Los Angeles sunny streets.

Harley Davidson Electric Scooter concept 01

The electric mountain bike shares the tank and saddle line of the LiveWire and the two-tone engine and battery. This concept is leaned more towards performance with a set of long travel suspensions and beefy enduro tyres. 

If Harley manages to come up with a good range from its new battery design and an attractive price, these vehicles might be the perfect solutions for everyday commuting to work. Yes, the price is another turning point to make these types of bikes worth bother the R&D behind them. The LiveWire costs $28,000 but we couldn't guess the price for these two projects.

Harley Davidson Electric Moped concept 02

This approach is at the opposite end of what Harley got us used to with its iconic V-twins. It might be a bit too early to judge them as we’ve already seen other manufacturers showing interest for this niche last fall after Ducati presented the MIG RR electric mountain bike.

The MIG RR bike is leaning more towards a bicycle because it still features the pedals together with the electric engine. So this electric bicycle is not a first but the Ducati design is not getting unnoticed. A thing is for sure the future will bring up a lot more vehicles like these.

ducati mig rr ebike 2

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