Here’s the Motorcycle Washing Machine. Air Drying Included

Here’s the Motorcycle Washing Machine. Air drying included 1

An Aussie built an automatic motorcycle washing machine that also features an air-drying program. Not sure about ironing. 

There are many types of riders. Those who own choppers and cafe racers, usually buy their motorcycle detailing kit and spend a couple of hours from time to time to make their bike shiny as new. 

There are also some guys who prefer the car wash because they can’t do it on their own or they are too lazy. 

And finally, there is this Aussie guy who built his own motorcycle washing machine. Paul Adams spent $15.000 to build it, according to MCN, that discovered the motocross washing machine. 

The motorcycle washing machine features four water jets, can spray detergent on the bike and it has a how water rinsing program. It also comes with an air compressor to dry the bike after wash. 

One thought on “Here’s the Motorcycle Washing Machine. Air Drying Included

  1. Hi
    My names Ian Sneddon
    Have just sold a large carwash site in Auckland
    I used to be also the Washtec distributor for N Z
    I am looking to distribute an Automatic motor bike washing machine
    I see a few out of china but would be interested in one out of Australia for obvious reasons
    Do you have further information on your machine
    Phone 0064 272090789

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