Honda CB750 1978 Custom by Andrew Wales

Honda CB750 1978 Custom by Andrew Wales 1

When your soul bounds to a motorcycle and you manage to modify it until it looks like you imagined

This almost 40 years old Honda was turned into a clean Retro – Modern soul-fuel cafe-racer. Andrew calls himself motorcycle fabricator and when you find out his story and the things he went trough to finish this project you will realize how passionate about his machine a man can get.

Put together in lunch breaks

Andrew Wales is the owner of this magnificent CB750. He lives in Calgary, Alberta where he works as a machinist/millwright and fabricator. The involvement in the Calgary custom bike world made him wishing to build a unique bike of his own. The Canadian designed and fabricated the swingarm by himself. He TIG welded the entire piece during his lunch breaks. He snatched a couple of wire looms from work and managed to put together a new wire harness. All the efforts were made with one goal, to make it for annual IFK Kickstart Moto Expo.

Honda CB750 Monoshock 2

A bit of misfortune

While riding back from a weekly bike night, he got struck by a car. Fortunately, he was doing about 45 km/h at the moment the crash happened. "I was heart-broken to see my labor of love bleeding all over the road", says Andrew. But this event only motivated him, to make his project look even better. While still recovering he started rebuilding the CB. "The accident was truly bittersweet", he says.

Honda CB750 Monoshock

Three modification stages

In the first stage, Andrew bought the CB back in 2013  from an old couple that used it mainly for touring. After he had bought it, he made a few modifications: he changed the handlebars, the seat, and added a plastidip paint and rode it like this for a season. 

After getting inspired by all the projects online, he decided to make some serious changes. A GSX-R 1000 front suspension and a Ducati mono-shock were added to the "stage two" bike. The "stage three" started while has still rehabbing from the accident. The tail unit and the saddle were put together with the help of some friends, and the color scheme was made using factory Honda colors. The result is mind-blowing. The in-line four-cylinder CB 750 is again a bike to die for.

before and after 2

Honda CB750 Monoshock 3

Honda CB750 Monoshock 5

Honda CB750 Monoshock V3

Honda CB750 Monoshock 1

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