Honda CBR750RR Imagined by a Design Artist

Honda CBR750RR Imagined by a Design Artist 1

Anonymous designer showcases a 750cc sports bike sketch

The photos we see here are a design rendering of a Honda CBR750RR according to VisorDown. There are a couple of rumours regarding a comeback for the CBR600RR-R model and these pictures are the creation of an anonymous design artist who imagined how a 750cc sports bike from Honda could look like.

Looking at Honda past sports bikes, we can see that the Japanese brand never had a 750cc sportbike in its model range besides a few rare exceptions like the VFR750R (code name RC30). That model raced in the World Superbike Championship and won it twice back in ‘88 and ‘89 with Fred Merkel behind the handlebars. Honda only made 3,000 units of the RC30. A few years later, Honda introduced the RVF 750R (RC45) and basically, that was it. The Japanese manufacturer only made a couple of models to race in WorldSBK against its rivals. So, an anonymous design artist thought it would be a good idea to create a design sketch of what a CBR750RR could look like if Honda will ever decide to build it.

CBR750RR render 2

CBR750RR render 7

This CBR750RR we see here seems to be based on the current Honda CBR650R model which can basically, fit a 750cc engine. The frame looks unlike any other Fireblade bike and acts as a stressed member for the engine. The swingarm was fitted at the rear of the engine casing just like the current Fireblade. Unlike the RC30 and RC45 superbikes, this CBR750RR has a double-sided swingarm.

CBR750RR render 8

CBR750RR render 9

As far as the bodywork goes, the design rendering follows the lines of the modern CBR1000RR-R, especially with the headlights and tail unit shape. The fuel tank design though looks like it’s inspired by a KTM model. 

It would be interesting to see this Honda CBR750RR design rendering take production form, but it’s highly unlikely that the Japanese brand will ever consider it as a baseline for a real production version of a 750cc sportbike.

CBR750RR render 10

CBR750RR render 6

CBR750RR render 3

CBR750RR render 1

CBR750RR render 5

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