Honda CRF450L Rally Concept | Stunning Road-Legal Dakar Bike

Honda CRF450L Rally Concept | Stunning Road-Legal Dakar Bike 1

How about a 45 hp, 140 kg wet, Euro 4 motorcycle, with headlight and turning lights? Meet the CRF450L Rally Concept – the machine who previews a future series model. 

Honda CRF450L Rally Concept was somehow overshadowed by Honda’s street bikes and even by the 125 design concepts. No news, nothing in the Honda press release. It was just sitting there, nice and quiet, between a Dakar motorcycle and the recently-unveiled 2019 CRF450L.

But for us it’s one of the biggest news in the adventure segment – of course, if by adventure you mean touring in the Alps, it won’t sound that interesting. But if it’s about going for short rides in remote pleace or riding in a hobby rally-raid competition – this might be one of the best things on the market. 

Here’s our Honda CRF450L Rally Concept preview from the EICMA. You can watch it in the window below or directly on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe for more. 

The only dissaadvantage the CRF450L has is the service interval – you must change your oil every 1,000 km. 

No word from Honda about a future production model, but we have strong reasons to believe that it’s gonna happen. And it won’t be cheap either, because it’s a genuine racing machine with street manners and normal service intervals.

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