Honda’s Self-Balancing Bike Follows You Like a Dog

Honda’s Self-Balancing Bike Follows You Like a Dog 1

Meet Honda’s Roly-poly bike: it can stand by herself, and it can be your pet

Honda revealed the “Moto Riding Assist” technology – a system that can transform your bike into a self-balancing vehicle. 

It needs no side or center stand, and you don’t have to put your feet down at a stop. It stays in a candle shape by herself. Moreover, if you can call it it follows you like a pet.

Feeling confused? Watch the video below. 

The Moto Riding Assist concept was unveiled at CES Las Vegas and Honda proudly says that unlike other motorcycle manufacturers, it uses no gyroscopes, but a technology derived from the UniCub project. For those of you not in touch with the latest gadgets, UniCub is a kind of wheeled chair that you can ride in your office. 

Honda Riding Assist Motorcycle self balancing 04

Honda Uni Cub


A similar concept, but with a more futuristic design, was presented a couple of months ago by BMW Motorrad. It acts as a vision for the next 100 years of motorcycling, and the German engineers say that you won’t ever need a helmet to ride it.  

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