Honda UK Installs Free GPS Trackers on New Bikes

Honda UK installs free GPS trackers on new bikes 1

Darker days ahead for motorcycle thieves in the UK, at least as far as Honda bikes go. Honda’s UK branch has just announced that they will fit a GPS tracker in each new bike manufactured after July 2 2018. The TrakKING device comes from local security provider Datatool and is easy to install and use, based on a monthly subscription program.

The TrakKING GPS locator and communicator detect if a bike is moved without the ignition on and sends an alert. Also, the bike’s position and events can be tracked online, and users can monitor their own rides, with the journeys uploaded to the cloud for later review. Datatool has prepared iOS and Android apps for the TrakKING Adventure module, which are also available for free to the service subscribers.

The coverage for the tracking service extends over the entire Western Europe, so riders can also benefit from the peace of mind that comes from it during their trips to the mainland. The system installed on the bikes is a “Police Secured by Design” product that complies with the high standards of law enforcement agencies, too.

All the customers who purchase a new Honda motorbike in the UK can opt in for the GPS tracker, which will be installed at no extra cost. The only payment is a monthly subscription for the 24/7/365 monitoring, also available with yearly plans. Per-month fees are reportedly under 10 GBP ($13.3 or €11.3).

Owners of older Honda motorcycles can pay a visit to a dealer and ask for a retrofit installation of the Datatool TrakKING Adventure device. The MSRP is 349 GBP ($465 or €395), but Honda owners will get a discounted price for the fit.

Insurance company representatives estimate that around 90% of stolen motorcycles can be returned to their owners if they are equipped with a GPS tracker. Police source adds that even thieves know these devices work, and report that some kept bikes covered for several days to hamper the efforts of tracking them using satellites, to little avail, though.

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