How to Ride With a Broken Clutch Cable

At least one in ten bikers had the bad luck to encounter this kind of problem. A broken clutch cable or a broken lever will sure give you some headaches. Fortunately, the motorcycle gearbox can handle a lot of badass gearshifts. You don't have to worry. It's not difficult, and all you only have to do is to focus on the throttle. When there’s no clutch, use the gas.
Watch the video above The first thing you have to do is to put your bike in neutral. Otherwise, it won’t start. If your bike starts only by pressing the clutch (Suzuki, for example), don’t panic. The sensor is on the lever. If the lever is missing just, push the clutch switch. Now it’s time for the most difficult part of the job. While seated try pushing the bike. The engine running must be running. You don’t need strong legs just keep the bike in balance and move it for a few meters. Try to remember your childhood tricycle. You only need a few steps then you can put it in the first gear. Synchronize your leg with the right hand. When you shift to the first gear, try rolling the gas just a bit to avoid stalling. The bike should now be going smoothly. You can use it in the first gear as much as you need and you can even go trough all the gears. If you want to change the gears is the same. You only need to synchronize the gear lever with the throttle. By giving the bike a blip or by rolling the throttle you put the gearbox in tension. Immediately after you release the gas or close it, you can move trough the gears. You must do this for every gear change. You can’t go to more than one gear by doing this maneuver.

Only keep in mind to give it some gas then roll it back quick, only in this interval you can use the gearbox. When you want to downshift, blip the throttle to keep everything smooth. Coming to a complete might seem the hardest part, but is very easy. Remember to put it in neutral when the bike is still rolling. If the bike is too slow, you might not be able to shift. You only need to try a few times to change the gears without the clutch, and it will become natural. The tricky part is the start you need to practice a few times.

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