How to Wheelie a Complete Isle of Man TT Course

How to Wheelie a Complete Isle of Man TT Course 1

Dougie Lampkin wheelies himself in the Guinness World Record by completing the entire 37.7 miles around the island course

Red Bull rider Dougie Lampkin used a special trial bike to enter the Guinness World Record Book. His 300 cc trial bike had a small electric engine mounted on the front wheel hub to keep the wheel spinning.

Dougie Lampkin thought that his 12 trials world champion titles were not enough. So he taclked the famous Isle of Man TT course only on the rear wheel of his bike. Against all the problems encountered, the English rider managed to hold on his bike for almost two tensed hours and made it to the finish.

Seven months of planning

The challenge was prepared in the last seven months. Dougie had only one shot, and everything had to be perfect. Is not the first time a rider attempts the mountain course on the rear wheel only. In the 70s there was another try, but without success. Dougie's stunt was scheduled for 24 of September. Unfortunately, the weather was against him, and everything was postponed for the next day. Fighting with harsh winds and coping with the pain that occurred after standing on the bike, Lampkin managed to complete the course in just over 90 minutes.

The bike

A trials bike was chosen for the stunt – Vertigo Ice Hell 300. The 300 cc two-stroke single cylinder fuel injected engine was modified to make the task as easy as possible. Dougie was helped to steer around the course, by a small electric engine mounted on the front wheel hub. An additional carbon fiber fuel tank was added. The regular one couldn't hold up enough gas for the whole 37.7 miles track. The injection mapping was modified for a softer output. The suspensions were also modified, and the footplates and rear brake were mounted on the rear wheel. Sounds confusing? See the picture below. 

dougies wheelie dougie lampkin training 2

Stunt performed with traffic still going

Dougie had to fight with the elevation, the powerfull winds and also the traffic that was still going around him. The job was even more intense as he encountered a few problems with the traffic, but he managed to stay focused on finishing the challenge. ‘‘It wasn't over until a couple of meters from the end, but that last couple of meters was just amazing’’ related Lampkin after setting the record.

dougies wheelie dougie lampkin.JPG

The Snaefell Mountain Course is 60 km (37,733 miles) street circuit with more than 200 turns. It is used for Isle of Man TT since 1911, and it’s considered to be one of the most dangerous road-circuits in the World. 252 professional riders died on the TT course.

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