Hubless Electric Motorcycle With Mad Max Looks

Hubless Electric Motorcycle with Mad Max Looks 1

If Mad Max bikes were electric they would probably look like this design rendering from Shane Baxley. An electric power unit, orbital wheels, two-sided swingarm, manual transmission and a raw minimalistic bodywork complete the package. 

Hollywood-based concept artist and vehicle designer Shane Baxley created this motorcycle design rendering on his computer. And it looks mind-boggling. The electric motorcycle design features cyberpunk lines and wheels without hubs. The idea of a hubless wheel bike is not new as it was conceived by an Italian designer, Franco Sbarro, in the 1980s.

To create a striking visual effect, the electric motorcycle is fitted with spokeless wheels equipped with knobby tires. As we said before, the wheels are hubless and the functionality of the wheel hub is taken over by the rim while the two-sided swingarm is connected to the inside of the bike at three points at the front and rear.

The electric motorcycle doesn’t look to have any sense of practicality, but it doesn’t have to as it’s just a motorcycle drawing made to make the imagination of any rider run wild. The bodywork lines are very square and compact.

As far as the electric engine goes, there is no technical data on this matter, but it looks like the gearbox features a conventional manual transmission. A shift lever at the bottom in front of the left footrest, however, indicates that the electric motorcycle is one of the rare E-Concepts with a conventional manual transmission. It’s not the first time we see a manual transmission fitted on an electric motorcycle as Kawasaki is one of the few manufacturers who presented the EV Endeavor, an electric bike concept equipped a conventional four-speed manual transmission. Moreover, in the past, Kymco also showcased the SuperNEX electric superbike, a modern electric motorcycle with a real six-speed gearbox.

The Baxley electric motorcycle features a small flat windshield which hides a surprisingly classic round dash that provides information. Also, there’s a classic-looking headlight as well. The Electric motorcycle looks as if it was inspired by the Mad Max movie and as hard to believe as it may be, the bodywork has crash pads to protect the fairings in case of a fall. In addition to the hubless spoke wheels, the carbon fiber monocoque frame and the short, raised rear end, which ends just after the solo seat, ensure the futuristic industrial look.

If the Baxley electric motorcycle was a real motorcycle and not just a design rendering, it would be interesting to see how the bike handles through the corners. But, for now, we can just look and admire this great motorcycle design rendering.

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